🐘All purchases contribute to save the elephants.

Welcome to Elephantsity! Where fashion saves Elephants.

As true elephant lovers we are delighted to announce we donate a portion of our sales directly to a NPO which dedicate themselves to save these magestic creatures across the world. Our upcoming donation will go towards Elephant Aid International Organization. 

EAI is currently involved in a variety of projects, all saving elephants from different angles, however for the time being our donations will go towards 2 specific movements:

Elephants Refugee North America

ERNA is working towards creating a safe haven for all of those retired elephants in North America who for the most part spent their lives being overworked in a circus.

Chain Free Movement

The Chain free movement Strives to provide working elephants in Nepal with better life quality, since most of them spend their life in chains in different parts of Asia.

EAI has already made 54 chain free corrals!!